On Thursday, January 6 and Thursday, January 13, 2011 the author read her new book with the VPK students at Sprouts Child Development Center in Bradenton, Florida during the lunch extension period.  After reading her book, "GO BACK TO BED!," Tracey led the students in a short lesson to inspire the potential author within each of them.  The children had a wonderful time as they used props to bring "GO BACK TO BED!" to life and then used their imaginations to create their own bedtime stories!  Thank you again to Sprouts for the opportuntiy to work with such an amazing group of children!

On January 10, 2011 we had a wonderful interview taped for a local cable show called the "Open Book" with Peppertree Press Founder Julie Ann Howell.  It was a pleasure for the author and her children to talk about the inspiration for "GO BACK TO BED!"  The interview was shown on Comcast the following week and truly reflected the excitement and joy the Williams Family feel for their story! 

On January 20, 2011 at 6PM we hosted a pajama party and book signing at Little Bookworms on Main Street in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.  The author read "GO BACK TO BED!" with the children who wore their pajamas and "GO BACK TO BED" lanyard necklaces that were distributed when they arrived.  The children loved joining in and helping Tracey with the "GO BACK TO BED!' chorus.  Following the story, each child decorated a pillow to bring home and made a book with ribbons, stickers, and markers.  The author had the opportunity to sign many books and chat with all who attended.  Hot chocolate and yummy sweets were enjoyed as well!  The event was a great success and Little Bookworms was a great host for the party.  We appreciate all of the support from the many people who turned out as well as the ongoing support from Little Bookworms.  There was a journalist from the local paper the "Observer" in attendance and a great article and pictures followed in the paper the next week.

Throughout the month of February, "Granny Goose," has read "GO BACK TO BED!" with several nursery schools in Manatee County, Florida.  The children have joined in with the chorus and enjoyed the lesson plan that "Granny Goose" developed to go along with the story as well.  We are grateful that "Granny Goose" was able to share our story with the children at the local "Ronald McDonald" House over Valentine's Day weekend and we hope "GO BACK TO BED!" warmed the hearts of the children and their families in attendance. 

Thanks to Lee and Joe Vumbacco who read "GO BACK TO BED!" to Stephen Vumbacco's Kindergarten class at King Street Elementary in Port Chester, New York.  The children loved the story and they now have their own copy in ther class library.

In May of 2011, "GO BACK TO BED!" was a hit with the 2 and 3 year olds at Sprouts' Child Development Center in Bradenton, Fl. The children talked about their different nighttime rituals and how they try to sleep through the night. They loved the animals we used and helped to put them back to bed in a little dramatization of the story! In July, we will return to Sprouts' during the summer camp week of "Animals Around the World." It will be lots of fun reading and talking with campers about animals who have trouble sleepig at night!

Writing and publishing a read it again nighttime story called "GO BACK TO BED!" that was inspired by my own children has been an amazing adventure. Bringing the story to fruition was an opportunity to turn what had been a struggle into a learning experience for myself, my husband and our twin daughters. It became clear early on that even though our daughters were born on the same day they had very different approaches to life and sleep. While one of our little girls likes to snuggle up willingly in her bed and happily sleep through the night, our other little girl viewed sleep (whether it be naptime or bedtime) as a simple waste of time. Why bother to sleep when there is so much to do in the world? We struggled unbelieveably through naptime and bedtime for years until we opened our eyes and understood that she wasn't fighting against us to go to sleep, she just had a hard time turning down her joy, excitement and interest in life because Mom and Dad said it was time to go to bed. Especially since Dad had been at work all day and nighttime was a special time to spend with him reading books and playing games. She also needed extra comfort during the night which she has been able to explain to us now that she can use her words and verbalize her feelings. We finally figured out that the struggle wasn't a fight against us, it was a need to be heard by our child. Of course, we have bedtime rituals and boundaries, but we also have developed a healthy respect for the individual needs of each child and his/her situation.

Sharing "GO BACK TO BED!" with groups of young children has demonstrated how important a positive bedtime ritual is for kids and how they connect to other children and animals who have trouble going to sleep each night. The children relate to the warm illustrations of the animals in the book because they lighten the story and show that everyone shares the same problems. The kids also love to repeat the phrase "GO BACK TO BED! which runs through the text. The story allows the children to be the ones in charge and through acting out the book they are the ones who lovingly tell the child and the young animals to "GO BACK TO BED!" This is a story that is meant for children and adults of all ages. A story to be shared amongst children, parents, grandparents and caretakers to open up a conversation about going to sleep at night.
It is with pride that I read in an Amazon review that this is a book that a Mom would have her "son save for his own children someday."

It has been wonderful to hear how many children and parents relate to "GO BACK TO BED!" and how the story has helped families with their own bedtime ritual.  One Dad expressed how the story reassured him that his daughter, who likes to get up and down at night like the little girl in the book, is completely normal!!  If you would like to have a reading of ""GO BACK TO BED!" at your school, please contact the author.  Thank you!!